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As TSC has grown, so has its clientele. Once just a service based company, requests began to build for us to help others with their facilities and offer them technical support for their systems. System design and installation was a natural progression for us. 


Our install and design services is the culmination of many years as a client focused service provider, a production services provider, and a pro audio dealer. 

What is different about TSC that you should consider before our next project?

  •  Experience counts. Many install and design companies just do installation and design. Why is that a problem? They don't understand what it is like to have a ton of inputs mixing a live show, or ways to make a theater production run more smoothly. They probably don't understand the flexibility that is needed in the live environment. So be it a theater, live venue, amusement park, hotel, restaurant, house of worship, recording studio, or retail store, we are currently servicing these types of venues on a daily bases around the country. We understand your needs and expectations of a system.
  • We focus on the wishes of our clients and put our real world experiences into our services. Our desire is to team with you to reach the end goal. A successful project always involves great communication and support of our clients.
  • We are able to take a project from concept to completion. With any project, the first step is putting a goal into place. Because we are a designer and a dealer, we have the ability to factor in one of the biggest concerns, the budget. We can design to your budget.
  • Our foundation as a company is all about quality service. When we team with our clients, that means they will always have our support. We offer staff training for all of our installations as well as system support.
TSC is a dealer for over 500 industry bands. We offer these products often lower than most other suppliers. Our dealer supply is also much different than most suppliers. We are under the category of "Tour Sound / System Integrator" which gives us access to items specific to the tour market and integrated system needs. Most well designed system solutions can't be supplied by off the shelf product lines. 
If you are would like a quote or have any questions, please contact us.