Who works with TSC?

We work with major labels, indie labels, recording artists, as well as corporate clients. We offer studio recording and  production services. We are most known for our mixing and mastering services. 


How can I work with TSC?

Nowadays most projects come to us for mixing and mastering via our TSC Drop Box. From there we will schedule your project and work out project logistics. 


What are your rates? 

Rates are project specific.


Do you offer production samples? 

Yes, we love earning your business and being a part of your production team. Through our TSC Drop Box we can share files and give you a taste of what it will feel like to work with TSC.

Some Studio features 

DAW Systems:

  • Cubase Pro 10.5
  • Pro Tools 12
  • WaveLab 10
  • Izotope RX6
  • SpectraLayers

Antelope Audio Orion 32

  • AVID Artist Control
  • AVID Artist Mix

  • API 
  • Rupert Neve Designs 
  • Grace
  • True Systems
  • Millenia Media 
  • dbx
  • Chandler Limited

  • AKG 414
  • AKG 451
  • Beyer M160
  • Beyer M88
  • EV RE15
  • EV RE20
  • Gefell UM70s
  • Neumann TLM170 R
  • Neuman M 147
  • Neumann KM 140
  • Neumann TLM 193
  • Sennheiser 409
  • Sennheiser 609
  • Sennheiser 604
  • Sennheiser 602
  • Sennheiser 902
  • Sennheiser 904
  • Shure SM58
  • Shure SM57
  • Shure SM87
  • Shure SM86
  • Shure SM81
  • Shure Beta 58
  • Shure Beta 57
  • Shure Beta 98
  • Shure KSM137

  • Avalon AD2044
  • Millenia Media STT-1
  • Summit Audio DCL200
  • Urie 1176
  • Gardner Transformers (EMI)

  • Waves Mercury
  • Brainworx
  • PSP
  • Abbey Roads / EMI
  • Softube
  • Sound Toys
  • SPL
  • Slate Digital
  • Eventide
  • Elysia
  • Drumagog 5
  • Focusrite
  • Lexicon
  • NuGen Audio
  • Pro Audio DSP
  • Vertigo

VST Instruments:
  • Steinberg Halion 5
  • Steinberg Groove Agent
  • Steinberg Halion Symphony Orchestra
  • Steinberg The Grand
  • Steven Slate Drums
  • Vienna Symphonic 
  • East West Gold Orchestra

Monitoring: stereo and 5.1 mixing
  • Custom ACE carbon fiber 550's with DynAudio
  • Valadine sub
  • Halfer Power

Vintage Recording:
  • Otari 50/50 1/2" 8 track
  • Otario 1/4" 2 track
  • Tascam DA30mkII
  • Tascam MX2424
  • Tascam DA88
  • Tascam DA38

TSC Studio is a modern fusion of technology and creative flexibility. Our primary clients are the ones looking for something deeper in their production. Something sonically that can pull the emotions of a listener. Many record labels, producers, independent artist, theatre, and live production clients have been enjoying the TSC service that started it all back in 1994.

The Modern Studio Dynamics

Today major labels and indie labels have lost control of the production environment. Along with that, the internet has put everything at the finger tips. 

We are excited about the new opportunities this has developed for the new studio roll in this industry. More and more we are working directly with artists locally, nationally, and around the world. To do so, we have added a drop box to send and receive projects, multi tracks sessions, and masters. Experience, sonic quality, professional service, and flexibility are the ingredients TSC will bring to your next project.

TSC's studio is home for mixing and mastering engineer Devin DeVore. Most known for his big clean punchy sound, he is at home on a verity of styles. He knows when a production needs to be transparent and when it needs to be aggressive. When asked how he knows when a project is done, "When all the sonic technicalities fall away and the pure emotion of the song reveals itself. I'm not stopping until the goosebumps show up."