Services offered:

  • Stereo and Multi Channel Mastering
  • Stem mixing
  • File Conversion
  • Internet optimized masters
  • 192k mastering


Clients we work with:

  • Major and indie labels
  • Independent releases
  • Regional, national, and globel clients
  • Internet clients


Deliverables and Services offered:

  • CD Masters
  • DDP Masters
  • wav files
  • mp3 files
  • AAC files
  • CD text / ISRC Encoding & UPS Code
  • File Transfer Services


TSC Mastering came into existence by the requests of clients and their lack of satisfaction they have had with other mastering sessions.

Our goal was to provide a transparent work flow for our clients and bring the last little details in focus with the project vision.

Mastering has really changed over the years and the quality of studio production is all over the map. The need for quality mastering has never been more present. 

Every mastering engineer has a different approach and a select choice of tools to bring out the most in the music. New tools have provided M/S mastering, variable harmonic content, and multi band imaging. Not only that, we have the ability to do spectral editing, dynamic windowing, and EQ curve impressions. Our kit will also allow monitoring of multiple compressed formats so you are assured your deliverables are the best they can be. 

We call it "Sonic Polishing" and we have attracted major and indie label projects as well as independent and corporate projects.

Featured Equipment:
  • WaveLab 10
  • Antelope Audio
  • Focusrite RedNet
  • SpectraLayers 6
  • Izotope RX
  • BrainWorx
  • Waves
  • Vertigo
  • Pro Audio DSP
  • Sonnex